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Professional Resume Templates


Resume Templates
We receive a great many resumes and many arrive poorly presented and in a poor format.
We have expertise in recruitment as well as resume writing and know which resume formats employers prefer and which ones work the best.

By default we will put your resume in a format which we know gets results time and again. Not only that but to help you yet further most of our packages also come with FREE access to our resume templates section where you can download some top quality templates like the ones below completely free of charge.

resume templates
Modern Professional Resume
This stylish format is tried and tested and proven to land jobs.

Increasingly employers prefer resumes which are not only highly presentable and professional but which also read well.

This format is very clearly presented and is proven to attract interest from employers.

When we create resumes for our clients using this format we also enhance the resume so that each entry is not only optimized using the right keywords but is also neatly bulleted one per line as per the example first page (left). If you prefer a more traditional power resume format please see below.

Part of the first page of one resume template.
Most resumes are longer than this sample resume template
resume template
Power Resume
This format has proved very successful in landing management & executive jobs in particular.

The format is particularly powerful and effective if the candidate has a lot of skills to highlight but there is a limit to the resume length requested by the employer.

Part of the first page of another resume template.
Again, most resumes are longer than this sample template
Other Resume Templates      
Below are further samples of other resume templates from our template gallery. Formats include variations on the modern / sleek / precise format increasingly preferred by many employers in the US and internationally, as well as traditional power resume formats.
resume template 2   resume Template 6   resume Template 4  
resume Template 5   resume Template 7   resumeTemplate 8  
More resume templates available to our clients free of charge. If you have already ordered a student, mid-career, or executive resume then please click to access our resume template gallery    
Further Resume Templates      
We have other resume templates too. When you order we will put your resume in the default format our experienced experts think will work best for you. Not only that but we will also give you free access to our resume templates section where you can download some top quality templates like the ones above completely free of charge. Most clients use the default format recommended by our experts but you are certainly free to try out the various resume templates for yourself using your newly improved resume content should you so desire.    


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